State of Print, Origin Myth, Screen print 56 cm x 36 cm

STATE OF PRINT opened Saturday 9 June 2018 at Generator Projects in Dundee. The exhibition features artists and printmakers from Europe, the UK and the US. Other exhibitions are planned for Scotland, Spain, England and Ireland and has been funded by Culture Island, Ireland.

The STATE OF PRINT explores the current state of nations and the notion that everything that formalises a nation state is printed – money, maps, laws, information, governments, monarchies etc. At a time when ‘the current state’ of nation power globally is inflexible and dogmatic, this project will provide a creative and theoretical antidote to the current paradigm. The STATE OF PRINT can be manifest in response to any space at any time as both a sculptural form and as a platform for activity – in the form of image production, poetry, debate, performance, music and film.

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